KerbalEdu Outreach

The Game

Kerbal Space Program is a computer game where the player strives for scientific achievement on their own planet and beyond. On the planet of Kerbin you play the role the local inhabitants’ space program. You conduct space missions out into a solar system, which is not unlike our own. The missions can be anything from landing a probe on a far away planet to taking people there and back. The game consists of a powerful physics simulation engine, so all the while the player is encouraged to learn about Newton’s laws of motion and his universal law of gravitation in order to succeed at their missions.

The game by itself is an incredible tool for education, but it can be enhanced with the addition of KerbalEdu; a soon to be publicly available modification to the game in development by TeacherGaming LLC.

The Program

U-SEDS wants to take this incredible educational software on the road to schools all around the Wasatch Mountain region. The schools themselves are only expected to supply a computer lab and a class of students that want to learn about space flight, we will provide the instructors and software.


Currently, U-SEDS is putting together the resources needed to start visiting schools to teach about space flight. If you are a teacher in K12, or work in a similar area with students you think will benefit from our program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The program is still just barely getting its start, and no schools have been visited yet. But the sooner you express interest the sooner we can guarantee a visit to your institution!


The program is only in its infancy, and U-SEDS could use support getting it up and running. If you or your company or organization would be interested in sponsoring the KerbalEdu outreach program please contact us. We’re happy to take whatever monetary or volunteer support you can offer.


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