SEDS Coming in Strong this Fall

Hello to all and I hope you had a great summer break.  SEDS has a lot planned for the Fall semester and to start it off I want to share our new and improved constitution: if you have an comments or suggestions please email me.

We will update you here once we are closer to some of our events but for the time being you should register for SpaceVision 2012 and try to think of all the events you would like to see this year.

Elections will be held very soon after school starts so be prepared for that.

Check back in soon!

Weather Balloon 3.0

UNC SEDS launched their third weather balloon on April 13th from the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh to kick off the NC Science Festival.  The launch was quite a success, made the front page of the Raleigh News and Observer and collected some interesting data and amazing pictures.  Check it out!

RNAO paper




GPS Tracking:


Weather Balloon Launch at the Governor’s Mansion

UNC SEDS launched a high altitude weather balloon off from the NC Governor’s Mansion this morning to kick off the NC Science Festival.

Track it in real time here: and stay tuned for results from the data sensors.

Carolina Space Symposium this Weekend

We hope to see you at the Carolina Space Symposium this weekend. Register here:

Carolina Space Symposium

Check out the official site for the Carolina Space Symposium:

As well as the article about the CSS in the DTH today:


High Altitude Weather Balloon – The Final Cut

Here is the video of our balloon launch. It is really quite impressive.

Credit to Charlie Harris for video compilation.
Thanks to the build team, Dr. Cecil, NC Space Grant and everyone else who lent a helping hand.

This event was put on in part to publicize the Carolina Space Symposium. Click through for more details:

High Altitude Weather Balloon – Postlaunch

Well the launch went off flawlessly from the quad as you can see by Dan Plattenbergers’s photos:


As far as recovery though here is where we lost the GPS:  This could have been for multiple reasons, too cold for the GPS to continue to operate, it landed in an area without service, it landed it the ocean, or maybe it is still up there taking video over Europe right as you read this.  Any way, next time we will be using a much higher quality GPS unit and not losing it.

Check out the two articles about the launch in the Daily Tar Heel:



High Altitude Weather Balloon – Prelaunch

On Wednesday, 1/18/12, UNC SEDS will be launching our first high altitude weather balloon.  We are using:

-Instamapper Tracking system
-Boost Mobile Track Phone
-10′ High Quality Weather Balloon
-The parachute
A 5′ diameter section of ripstop material attached with nylon rope
-Vivitar 880 HD Video Camera
Total cost including the helium was right at $200 and was paid for with a grant from the NC Space Grant ( through UNC Physics and Astronomy Dept Professor Dr. Gerald Cecil.
Results from the launch will be posted soon.

Check out the SEDS Newsletter!

Here is a link to the PDF of the SEDS newsletter LaUNCh:  SEDS Newsletter 1_1 preview

If you are interested in helping out with the next edition, coming out in late March we would love the help just get in touch with us at

UNC SEDS Holiday Photo!

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