02/06/14 General Meeting

What is SEDS?

  • International Organization SEDS-Earth
    • Part of SEDS-USA
    • Independent student-based organization for the Exploration and Development of Space
      • See Mission Statement at SEDS.org


  • President
    • Amanda Urquiza
  • Treasurer
    • Bobby Shely
  • Trip Coordinator
    • Joel Mueting
  • Communications
    • Eric Sahr
  • Outreach
    • Carmen Austin
  • Technology
    • Andrew McGuckin


Past Activities

  • Microgravity
  • Spring Break
  • SpaceVision


New This Year

  • Trips
    • Northern AZ
      • End of February
      • Meteor Crater
      • Lowell Observatory
  • Kartchner Caverns
  • Yuri’s Night
    • April 12th
    • B
    • Building a 3D Printer project



  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Projects
  • Research Opportunities
  • Local Trips
  • Spring Break Trip
  • Building connections with SEDS Alumni
  • Industry professionals


Types of Membership

  • Basic Membership
    • Attend one club meeting and be a good student
    • Full Membership
      • Pay $15 dues/semester
      • Run and vote in elections
      • SEDS Trips are discounted
      • Discounted SEDS Items
      • Hold project leadership positions
      • Store things in the SEDS Office


SEDS Office

  • Sonett Space Sciences Building
  • Office Hours:
    • Eric: Monday/Wednesday 11-12
    • Amanda: Monday/Thursday 2-3
    • Bobby: Tuesday 12:30-2:30
    • Andrew: Monday 12-1, Friday 11-12
    • Carmen: Tuesday 11-1
    • Joel: TBD


SEDS Shirts

  • SOON


UA and Astronomy Club Picnic

  • Potluck
  • This Saturday
  • Noon
  • Himmel Park
  • Let us know if you need a ride


Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • Sequel to Carl Sagan
  • March 9th on FOX
  • National Geographic Channel also

First Meeting of 2014!

Hello, SEDS-ers!  Our first meeting of the new semester will be next Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 5:00PM in Kuiper 312.  Join us to find out about all the events and activities planned for this semester!  If you can’t make it to our meetings, no worries!  Keep an eye out for our emails, or check back here to see meeting recaps!  See you all next week!

11/26/2013 General Meeting

WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK OUR GUEST SPEAKER, Patricio Becerra, FOR MAKING IT OUT TO OUR MEETING, AND TALKING TO US ABOUT his Mars research at at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory here at the University of Arizona!


Below you will find the full meeting minutes as well as the power point presentation!

You will find the power point presentation here: UASEDS 11/26 Meeting Presentation

10/01/13 General Meeting

Below you will find the full meeting minutes as well as the power point presentation!


22 Members Present

Space News

  • Curiosity Found Molecules on Mars
    • Water vapor released by minerals
  • Cygnus docks with the ISS
    • Falcon 9 version 1.1 demo launched Sept. 29
    • Canadian satellite CASSIOPE
    • Link to video:
  • NASA Shutdown
    • Government shutdown 10/1/13
    • 97% of it’s employees are off the job
    • NASA.gov doesn’t exist
    • NASA TV is offline
    • Social media inactive
    • All public events are canceled
    • ISS Astronauts are safe
  • NASA’s 55th Birthday
    • October 1st 1958
  • LPL Evening Lecture Series
    • Kepler’s Multiple Planet Systems
    • Dr. Jack Lissauer
    • 10/22/13 3:45-4:45 in Kuiper 312
  • Flandrau Science Center Humanities Week
    • 10/1/13 4:00-7:00
  • SpaceVision 2013
    • Networking
    • Speakers
    • Hackathon
    • Volunteering
    • Newspace Business Plan Competition
      • Email Bobby if interested by TONIGHT
  • Membership
    • Pay DUES
    • $15/semester, $25/year
    • Talk to any officer to pay dues
  • Office Hours
    • Snack store
    • Study space
    • Check hours at seds.org/uaseds
  • World Space Week
    • Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth
    • October 4th-10th
      • Launch of first human-made satellite
      • Signing of Outer Space Treaty
    • Goal is to educate people about the benefits they receive from space
  • Outreach Event
    • Biosphere 2
    • Saturday, October 5th
    • Experience B2 at night
    • 4-4:30pm on Saturday
    • Signup sheet at meeting
  • Social Event: Gravity
    • Friday, October 4th
    • Century 20 El Con Theatre
    • 8:00pm Showtime
    • $8.50 for student ticket
    • Trailer link:
  • Carmen’s Weekly Video
    • Square Kilometer Array
    • New radio telescope being built in Australia and South Africa
    • Video link:

    Carmen’s NASA Social Presentation

    • NASA Socials take place at various facilities
    • NASA randomly selects a certain amount of people to participate
    • Astronaut Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation
      • Given a badge
      • @NASASocial
      • Nasa.gov/connect/social
      • Nasatweet.com
  • Visited Building Nine (mockups for the ISS)
    • Mark Bowman, “The Soyuz Guy”
    • Astronaut Doug Wheelock (@Astro_Wheels)
  • NASA is building social media into astronaut’s schedules
  • Gave astronaut food to NASA Social attendees
    • (it was gross)
  • Got to see press conference with three astronauts that just arrived at the ISS
  • Got to see exercise equipment that is used on the ISS
  • NASA Social attendees got to stack dominos using gloves to simulate pain of astronaut gloves
  • #NASA55 – use this hashtag to celebrate NASA’s birthday – because they can’t

9/24/13 General Meeting

We would like to thank our surprise guest speaker, Arturo Urquiza, for making it out to our meeting, and talking to us about Intel, and sharing interviewing tips!


Below you will find the full meeting minutes as well as the power point presentation!

  • Orbital Sciences is delaying Cygnus docking to the ISS
    • Due to Soyuz capsule arrival on 9/25
  • Karen Nyberg
    • Social media from the ISS
    • http://pinterest.com/kynyberg
  • Reminder to pay dues
    • $15/semester, $25 year
  • Office Reminder
  • SpaceVision
    • November 7-10
    • $65 registration
    • Volunteer opportunities
  • Carmen’s NASA Video
  • Rocket Project
    • Open to anyone and everyone
    • This year’s plan
      • End of October – Get connected with SARA
      • End of Dec – High-powered rocket build
      • End of Dec – Get one or more certified to Level 1
      • Fundraising!
  • Next meeting next Tuesday, October 1


  • Intro to Engineering at Intel
    • Arturo Urquiza
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • UA Alumni
    • Engineering for 20 years
  • Intel
    • $40B in annual revenues
    • Biggest semiconductor manufacturer in the world
    • 90,000 employees
      • 41,000 technical degrees
      • 12,000 Masters
      • 4,000 PhDs
      • 8,000-10,000 in Chandler, AZ
    • What does Intel make?
      • CPUs
      • Silicon wafer
      • CPU Package
      • Servers all the way to tablets
      • Trying to get into smartphones
        • Currently consume too much power
      • System-on-chip, integrating everything
    • Intel Product Cycle
      • Product Design and Manufacturing
      • Fabrication and Assembly & Test Technology Development
      • Development done in US, but manufacturing done offshore
    • School you attend matters in salary at Intel
      • But not a huge difference
        • $106,000 for MIT
        • $102,000 for UA
  • Intel Job Search Tips
    • How to stand out from crowd
      • What Employers Look For
        • Relevant Education/skills
        • Critical-thinking
        • Initiative
        • Flexibility/Adaptability
        • Resourcefulness
        • Team Player
        • Results/Customer-Oriented
          • Helps to know what you are looking for
          • Character/personality is important
          • GPA matters (3.0 or higher)
          • Mental note: “That person can work in my organization”
      • Most-Successful Employees
        • Sense of humor
        • Technically brilliant but first to ask “dumb” questions
        • Ability to communicate well – especially in writing
        • Thrive on group work for results
        • Creative
        • Not self-promoting
          • Don’t go with a know-it-all attitude
          • But do this on a resume
        • Willing to call BS/challenge the status quo
        • Willing to work hard
        • Not hung up on fancy offices/titles/appearances
        • Don’t stop learning, aware of shelf life of knowledge
        • See peers as friends, know background and families
        • Trustworthy – have their own honor code and it shows
        • Passion for a greater good and the impact on peoples’ lives
  • Resume
    • Have a targeted objective
    • But don’t be too specific
    • How you want to experience this new job
      • How the company will benefit from YOU
    • Include functional keywords
      • Sales
      • Marketing
      • Leads
      • Technical terms on your degree, etc
    • List accomplishments
      • Boast about yourself
      • Toot your own horn
    • Include projects and work experience
    • Highlight awards and relevant coursework
    • Have to find ways to explain your skills, even without an internship
    • Resume workshops
      • Career center
    • Network with past graduates
    • Highlight what you’re proud of
  • Interview overview
    • Bring at least 3 resumes
    • List of professional references
    • Work samples
    • Recommendation Letters
    • Certificates/Awards (eh)
    • List of written questions
      • Seems pretty important
    • Job history details (for application)
  • Telephone Interview
    • Be ready for the call
    • Speak loudly and slowly
    • Stand up
    • Enthusiasm
    • Clarify for understanding
    • Contact information
  • Alright to bring notes – especially questions
  • Communicate your agenda
  • Memorize “Success Stories”
    • Apply to behavior-based questions
      • Situation
      • Action
      • Result

You will find the power point presentation here: UASEDS 9/24 Meeting Presentation


9/17/13 General Meeting

We had a great time hearing from our guest speakers and fellow SEDS members, Andrew, Eric, and Joel! We hope to see you at our next meeting on 9/24.


Below you will find the full meeting minutes as well as the power point presentation!

Space in the Media

  •  Dancing with the Stars w/ Bill Nye
  •  Promoting space exploration through wide media

Voyager Goes Interstellar

  •  Furthest Man-Made Anything

Antares/Cygnus Launch

  •  Orbital Sciences Launch to ISS
  •  Wallops Flight Facility

LPL Evening Lecture

  •  Ed Beshore
  •  Deputy-PI ORex
  •  What’s up with all the talk about Asteroids?
  •  9/17 at 7pm
  •  Kuiper 308

Radio Club

  •  9/18 6pm Old Engineering 303
  •  Get students to learn amateur radio
  • http://k7uaz.com


  •  $15 dues per semester/ $25 per year

Office Hours

  •  MW 10-11 Eric
  •  TR 9:30-10:30 Bobby
  •  WF 2-3 Andrew

T-Shirt Design Contest

  •  Contest Ends Tuesday, October 1
  •  Design wins – get free shirt

Gravity Movie

  •  Social Event
  • Oct. 4th


  •  $65 Registration
  •  Lower price for members
  •  Volunteers get free registration
  •  Abstracts due 9/20
  •  spacevision.seds.org

NewSpace Business Plan Competition

  •  Proposal for space industry businesses
  •  Contact Bobby for more information and to form a team
  •  spacevision.seds.org/Business_Plan_Competition

Weekly Video

  •  Unlock the Gravitational Universe
  •  Watch here

Next Meeting: 9/24 @ 6pm


Andrew’s Summer with Boeing

  •  Worked for Boeing up in Seattle
  •  What is Boeing
    • Seattle, WA
    • Founded 1916
    • One of the largest aerospace manufacturers
    • Commercial airliners and defense contracting
  •  Worked in Engineering Operations & Technology
  •  Flight Test Safety
    • Material flammability Tests
    • Safety Risk from late test plan changes
    • Plus meetings, tours, flight simulators, and more



  •  Application form sent to listserv
  •  Application due Friday, September 27th at 11:59pm
  •  Email applications or questions to  esahr@email.arizona.edu
  •  Video of last year’s flight on Facebook page here


You will find the presentation here: UASEDS 9/17 Meeting Presentation


09/03/13 General Meeting (First Meeting of Fall 2013 Semester)

Our first meeting of the semester was a success. Thanks to all who joined us, and we hope to see you at our next meeting!


Below you will find the full meeting minutes as well as the power point presentation. Please let us know if you have any questions!


  •  What is SEDS?
    • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
    • Mission Statement (available at  http://seds.org)
    • Just one chapter in a larger international organization
  •  Officers
    • President – Amanda Urquiza
    • Treasurer – Bobby Shely
    • Trip Coordinator – Joel Mueting
    • Communications – Eric Sahr
    • Outreach – Carmen Austin
    • Technology – Andrew McGuckin
  •  Activities of Past Year
    • Microgravity
      • Flew in Houston, TX in June 2013
    • SpaceVision 2012 (in Buffalo, NY)
    • ASCEND!
      • Weather Balloon payload project
      • 2 flights, November 2012 and March 2013
    • Spring Break Trip
      • Visited space facilities in Texas and New Mexico
    • Spring Fling
      • Big fundraising event for SEDS
  •  Plans for This Year
    • Flagstaff Trip
      • Lowell Observatory
      • Meteor Crater
    • Kartchner Caverns
    • SEDS-ASU Visit
    • Projects
      • Microgravity
      • ASCEND!
  •  SpaceVision 2013
    • Co-hosted by UASEDS and SEDS-ASU at ASU Campus in Tempe, AZ
    • November 7-10, 2013
    • Registration is $65
    • Speakers include Bill Nye, Phil Plait, and Dante Lauretta (among many others)
    • http://spacevision.seds.org
  •  Raytheon Guest Speaker Jeff Scogin
    • 3 Raytheon employees targeting engineering clubs to recruit future employees
    • Resume workshop prior to Employment Fair
    • Goal is to help people get hired
  •  Opportunities for SEDS Members
    •  Leadership
      • Projects
    • Research
      • SpaceVision Poster Session (abstracts due 9/20)
    • Travel
    • Connecting with industry
    • Build your resume
  • Membership
    • Basic
      • Requires good academic standing
      • Attend any one event
    • Full
      • Pay dues
        • $15/semester
        • $25/year
      • Participate in officer elections
      • Discounts on SEDS Items
      • Discounts on trips
      • Store items in the SEDS Office
      • Be involved with projects
      • Become a telescope operator
  • Office Hours
    • Eric MW 10-11am
    • Bobby TR 9:30-10:30am
    • Andrew WF 2-3pm
    • Office located in Sonett Space Sciences, Room 21
  • T-Shirt Design Contest
    • Designs must be submitted by 9/15
    • Winner gets a free shirt
  •  LADEE/Ice Cream Social
    • 9/6 at 8pm
    • Location TBD
    • LADEE Mission Overview video
  •  UA Science Cinema Movie Night
    • 9/7 6-10pm
    • Armageddon
    • Special Speaker: OSIRIS-REx Principal Investigator Dante Lauretta
    • Free parking
    • Located at Highland Commons

You will find the power point presentation here: UASEDS First Meeting Presentation

First Meeting 9.3.2013

Hey everyone, come out to the first UASEDS meeting of the new year this Tuesday, September 3rd at 6:00 PM in Kuiper Space Sciences Room 312!  There will be free food served at the meeting and we’ll be talking about plans for the new semester, including trips, projects, and outreach.  We hope to see you there!

General Meeting 2.16.2012

SEDS General Meeting 2.16.2012

Space News
-Space X will become a publicly traded company in 2013
-Could be valued in the billions of dollars
NASA Budget
-NASA wants to build a manned space station in orbit on the far side of the moon. Lagrangian point EML-2
-Currently no funding or timeline
-President’s preliminary budget has been passed, though party opposition will probably override almost all changes.
-New Funding for new missions, Uranus, Enceladus
LRO Image
-LRO imaged of a boulder goes HERE
Soviet Propaganda Poster
-Images go here

Upcoming Events
Game Night
-Friday 2.24.2012
-SEDS Office
-Bring food!
Job Opportunity at NOAO
-Special Projects assistant
-10 Hours per week or more
-Need to be able to work weekends
-Outreach type science events
-If you’re still interested, the sign up sheet is on the clipboard in the office
– Opening ceremonies are Friday, 2.17.2012 at 4PM
– Free food!
-Prizes, yay!
Spring Break Trip
– Still one spot available
– 16 Total attendees
– Please pay dues today or ASAP
– $40 for Ellen our treasurer

General Meeting 10.29.2012

UASEDS Meeting 10.29.2012


Space News


SpaceX CRS X-1 splashed down yesterday

Eric has a link to some amateur video


Launch Video for Russian Soyuz


Mt. Lemmon with ASUSEDS

–       Interested in visiting Mt. Lemmon

–       Mid/early December

–       Chapter collaboration encouraged with USA-SEDS


Outreach Event at Amphi High

-6th, 7th and 8th Graders

-Late November, early December

-Signup sheet passed around


Carmen’s Goldstone Presentation