New Members

Who we are:
SEDS is the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, a club at the University of Arizona whose mission is to promote the virtues of space exploration, and maybe do a little exploring ourselves. UASEDS is just the local chapter of a larger national organization, SEDS-USA.

What we do:
We have meetings every Thursday at 5pm in Kuiper, Room 312. Please check the Calendar for the next meeting time. Outside of general meetings, we also take multiple trips each semester to visit space related sites around the state, and even sometimes out of state, as well as participating in various projects and outreach events. Please check our calendar for the dates and times of future events.

How to join
We offer two levels of membership: basic membership, and full membership. To become a basic member, all you have to do is join us for any SEDS event. To become a full member, we require dues, which are currently $15 for a semester or $25 for the full year. Full membership grants a number of benefits, including having SEDS cover most, if not all, of the cost for trips, the ability to vote and run in officer elections, amongst other benefits. All majors are welcome!

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