General Meeting 3.22.2012

Space News
Red Bull Stratos
Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner
Jumped from 71,581ft
Took only 3 minutes and 45 seconds of freefall
Preparing to break the world record altitude for skydiving

Russian Space Plans
Leaked their Roscosmos doc
2018: Replace Baikonur
2020: Replace Soyuz
2025: Replace ISS
2029: Manned Lunar landings
2050: Permanent moon base
Most goals focused on mineral search

Solar Prominence
Image Here – Aliems

SpaceX Launch on April 30th
Launching from Kennedy
Will approach then dock
Would be the first commercial to do so
SpaceX Also celebrated their 10th anniversary this week

“Emerald Cut” Galaxy
“shouldn’t exist”
Discovered in Australia
Possibly caused by two spiral galaxies merging
1/50th the size of the milky way

Spring Break Recap!
Woo! Spring Break!

Upcoming SEDS Events
Sharing the Sky
Saturday March 31st
3PM-10PM On the UA Mall
SEDS would show up later to provide telescope
Fundraiser for muscular dystrophy

Yuri’s Night
Friday April 13th
At Pima Air and Space Museum
Commemorates the anniversary of Yuri Gargarin’s first flight in space
Need volunteers

Earth Day at PCC NW
Recruitment event
Taking place at the Northwest PCC Campus
65+ Organizations in attendance
Wednesday April 18th
Free massages, snacks, drinks, and lunch

Solar Eclipse
Lunar and Planetary lab wants to host outreach
Sunday May 20th

Venus Transit
Tuesday June 5th
LPL may host an outreach event

Large Binocular Telescope
Saturday April 21st or April 28th
Go camping and caving whichever weekend we don’t go
Cost will be $10 for dues paying members
SEDS will buy lunch

Taking place April 26th
Nomination deadline April 12th
Help guide the club
Office keys
Talk to any of the Officers if interested

Liberty Elementary after April 20th
5th Graders, 1:15 – 2:30
Activities and presentations

General Meeting

Space News
Solar Storm
-Largest since 2006
-Planes of North Pole being rerouted
-ESA’s Venus Express currently in safe mode
-Star trackers blinded during the flare
-Currently being guided manually
-Solar storm video here
X-37B Anniversary
-Been in space for a year
-Launched march 5th 2011
-Belongs to the Air Force
-Purpose unknown, but has “returned great value on the original investment”
-Third X-37B will be launched later this year
Lasers in Space
-Amateur astronomers tried shining two lasers and blinking searchlights at the ISS
-Took an image, available here
-A 1 watt laser
New Apollo 11 and 15 Images
-Closer up and better contrast
-Available here
Dust Devil on Mars
-Thanks HiRISE

Space Access Society Conference
-April 12th -14th Up in phoenix
-Taking preorders for admission
-$40 for Students

Club Stuff
Lapel Pins
-$4 each
T Shirts
-$12 per shirt for dues paying members
-Taking place April 21st
-Nomination deadline April 5th
– Help guide the club
-Get office keys
-Good resume builder
-Constitutional amendments
-Available positions
– Trip Coordinator
– Communications
– Treasurer
– Technology Officer
– National Representative

Upcoming Events
-33 more week days until dead day
– Science Downtown
-Kitt Peak
– Large Binocular Telescope
– Camping
– Yuri’s Night
– Biosphere 2 Volunteering

Neil deGrasse Tyson Video

General Meeting 2.23.2012

SEDS General Meeting 2.23.2012

Space News
Neutrino Data
-Loose cable linked to the clocks timing the experiment created the 60-nanosecond discrepancy
Moon Geologically Active
-A crater on the “graben” suggest that is young, perhaps as young as 50 million years old
-Scientists previously thought the last geologic activity on the moon was 1.2 billion years ago.
Job Offer?
– NASA is looking for people to test out space food
– Part of a simulated mars mission
– Used to prevent menu fatigue
– Need a bachelor’s degree in hard science
– Will receive free food; travel to and from Hawaii and, $5,000
Japanese Space Elevator
– Plans to finish construction in 50 years
– Just your standard space elevator
– Weeklong trip from the bottom to the top
– Would generate solar power for the ground
– No cost estimate
Peter Diamandis
– Founder of SEDS
– Released his new book called “Abundance”
– About how the future will be better than you might think

SEDS Business
Game Night
– Tomorrow night, Friday 2.24.2012 6PM
– Will also be using our telescope
– Bring Food!
– Science Downtown
– Meet Saturday at 12PM at the sonnet loading dock
– Walk over to the Rialto
– Cost is $5 for dues paying members
Spring Break
– 16 days from now
– If you haven’t paid for the trip please do so ASAP
Laser Fun Day
– Student Optics Club
– Saturday 3.31.2012
– Looking for volunteers to create and run their own science demonstrations
– Find an image gallery from last year’s event HERE.
Yuri’s Night
– Saturday 4.14.2012
– Taking place at Pima Air and Space Museum
-We’ll need volunteers eventually, more information as we get it.
– We have a design! It looks like THIS.
– $10 Each
SEDS lapel Pins
-$4 each

General 2.16.2012

SEDS General Meeting 2.16.2012

Space News
-Space X will become a publicly traded company in 2013
-Could be valued in the billions of dollars

NASA Budget
-NASA wants to build a manned space station in orbit on the far side of the moon. Lagrangian point EML-2
-Currently no funding or timeline
-President’s preliminary budget has been passed, though party opposition will probably override almost all changes.
-New Funding for new missions, Uranus, Enceladus

LRO Image of a Lunar Boulder
-Check out the image HERE

Upcoming Events
Game Night
-Friday 2.24.2012
-SEDS Office
-Bring food!

Job Opportunity at NOAO
-Special Projects assistant
-10 Hours per week or more
-Need to be able to work weekends
-Outreach type science event

-If you’re still interested, the sign up sheet is on the clipboard in the office
-Opening ceremonies are Friday, 2.17.2012 at 4PM
-Free food!
-Prizes, yay!

Spring Break Trip
-Still one spot available
-16 Total attendees
-Please pay dues today or ASAP
-$40 for Ellen our treasurer

General Meeting 2.9.2012

SEDS General Meeting 2.9.2012

Space News

Spirit Rover Landing Site taken by the UA HiRISE instrument on the MRO
First color image of the Phoenix landing site taken by UA HiRISE
Interesting photo of the Mercury Capsule – bed of a trailer piled on the mattress
–       Didn’t have a process for moving the capsule from manufacturing to launch
SpaceX Dragon Capsule – Planned early April docking with ISS
Iran launched their third satellite – the Herald of Science and Industry
–       Planning manned launches by the end of the decade

Club News
Went to Pima/Titan last weekend
– Will post a link images on the UASEDS Facebook Page
E-Week 2.17.2012 – 2.24.2012
–       Rube Goldberg
–       Engineering got talent
–       Engineering jeopardy
–       Engineering pageant
–       I-expo
–       Women in engineering dinner
–       Operations water supply chain
–       DaVinci Tower
–       Relay
–       Design Competition
–       Food Drive
–       Engineering Pictionary
–       Volleyball Tournament
–       Scavenger Hunt

Officially ordering shirts
Cost will be $10 for dues paying members
Spring Break Deadline
-Please email Joel by 5PM if you’re planning on going
-You must email Joel by this deadline
-Wednesdays at 4PM in N305

Water Droplets “Orbiting” a Knitting Needle on the ISS

General Meeting 2.2.2012

UASEDS General Meeting 2.2.2012

Random Space News
-Two Canadian students built a weather balloon with cameras.
-Introduced a LEGO man into the equation
-Cost them about $400

-Has a contract with Scaled Compositesin Mojave
-Now a 747 in front of the Scaled hanger

Russia indefinitely suspend Soyuz launches
-Problems with the reentry capsule
-Astronauts on the space station are stuck there for 6 months

Club Events
February 4th
-Pima Air and Space/Titan Missile Museum
-Leaving at 10am from the Loading dock outside LPL
-$10 for dues paying members
-if you want to be a member talk to Ellen

Sabino Canyon Star Party
-astronomy club’s monthly star party
-Saturday feb 4th
-Meet outside Steward Observatory

Nanosatellite Meeting
-Next meeting will be Wednesday February 8th at 4PM in Steward Observatory N305
-Will be assigning roles and setting up project team leads

-Feb 18th?
-Run be ESC
-Competition between numerous engineering clubs around campus
-Events like building a Rube Goldberg machine, engineering trivia and an engineering pageant

Spring Break Trip
-March 10th (37 days from now)
-Day one, drive to San Francisco
-Day two, hang out in San Fran
-Day three, Visit NASA Ames, Google, and drive to Mojave California, and stop in California City
-Day four, Visit NASA Dryden, XCOR Aerospace, Scaled Composites/ The Spaceship Company
-Drive to LA
-Day five, JPL, Griffith Observatory
-Day six, Drive from LA to Tucson
-$40 for dues paying members, all expenses included except food, if you can drive the cost is waved.
-Let us know if you’re interested by next week.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
-Major event will be from January 9th-12th
-250 Gem and Mineral dealers
-One of the largest such shows in the world
-Numerous activities through SESS

General Meeting 1.26.2012

SEDS General Meeting 1.26.2012

Moon Base!
-Newt Gingrich, republican primary candidate, promises to establish a moon base by his second term.
-13,000 people will become the 51st state in the United States
-Promised to set aside 10% of NASA’s budget to attain this goal.
– Watched some footage of Candidate Gingrich’s Speech.
– Newt Gingrich’s Moonbase Speech

8th anniversary of Mars Rovers
-Opportunity rover landed on Mars on January 24th 2004
-Originally designed to last 90 days
-Has traveled 21 miles
-Discovered liquid water

Solar Storm
-Aurora activity lower than usual.

Blue Marble Photo
-Climate satellite took this gorgeous image of the earth, centered on North America
– “Blue Marble” Earth Photo

-Russia will Officially hold the US accountable for the loss of the probe
-Will ask NASA for assistance in diagnosing the problem if it is confirmed that the US government is responsible

Engineering Club Fair
-Tomorrow, Friday January 27, 2012
-10-2 in the AME courtyard

Pima Air and Space Museum
-Saturday February 4th
-Meet at the loading dock at 10am
-Drive to PA&SM
-Eat lunch
-Drive to Titan Missile Museum
-$10 for dues paying members
-See Ellen Thomas if you’d like to be a dues paying member!

Arizona High-Powered Rocketry (Arizona Rocket Gathering: ARG)
-February 25-26th
-Possibility of a trip up if people are interested
-Could have a camping trip as well
-Build our own rockets beforehand and launch them at the event

Spring Break Trip Updates
-$40-60 for dues paying members