This is the official website for the University of Arizona chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.

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UASEDS is a student club interested in the benefits of space exploration. Our goal is to promote the virtues of space exploration and explore the concept as well as possibilities of it. As we are the UA chapter, we are particularly interested in Arizona’s role in the history and future of the exploration of space.

As a club we do various activities throughout the year. UASEDS projects have included building an 18″ dobsonian telescope, flying experiments on NASA’s Zero G planes, and competing in a rocket balloon—rockoon launch competition. The club frequently participates in outreach to help spread space science awareness at local schools and special events. Trips to space related sites in, and sometimes out of, state are a main part of the club as well. Other club activities include hosting star parties and game nights to give members a chance to get to know each other.