October 7th Meeting Minutes

Outreach Officer Election

  • Jack Casey elected

World Space Week! Yay!

  • Space: Guiding Your Way

Meet JPL Chief Technology Officer

  • Tom Soderstrom
  • 10-11am Kiva Room in SUMC
  • Tuesday, October 28th
  • RSVP, but look for link through email

Outreach Events

  • Solar Eclipse October 23rd
    • Peaks at 2:45
  • Biosphere II Discovery Nights October 25th
  • Geosciences Saturday Science Academy November 14th
  • Himmel Library November 20th
    • 7-9pm

Flandrau Visit

  • October 21st
  • During regular meeting time
  • Will be doing:
    • Star talk
    • Desert Moon documentary
    • Back to the Moon for Good documentary
    • Laser light show
    • See exhibits
  • $6, bring payments the day of
  • Should take about 2 hours



  • We may have a spot, talk to Carmen or Ryan
    • ASAP!

Coming Up Soon

  • The Art of Planetary Science
    • October 17th, 5-9pm
    • October 18th-19th
      • 1-5pm
    • SEDS Caving
      • November 8th
    • Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo
      • November 1-2

Flagstaff Recap

  • Thanks to drivers and attendees!
  • Look out for pictures on Facebook and website


  • Shirts are ordered!
    • Should be here within two weeks

Space News

  • Blue LED is awarded Nobel Prize for Physics
    • Allowed the invention of LED screens
    • Invented in early 1990s
  • ISS Gets New Room Next Year
    • Bigelow Aerospace is going to launch a module aboard a Dragon capsule to ISS next year