September 23rd Meeting Minutes

SpaceVision Poster Session

  • October 31st and November 1st at SpaceVision
  • Abstracts Due Oct. 1st

Bob Richards Scholarship for Peace Through Space

Peter Diamandis Bold Space Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Amber Luttmann, Google Hangout Event

  • Graduated from UA with degree in optical sciences and engineering
  • Now works for Google on Google Glass
  • Send questions to so she can prepare answers
  • Send questions by Friday

OSIRIS-REx Time Capsule

  • Submit messages and images via Twitter and Instagram to be placed in a “time capsule” aboard OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft.

UASEDS Announcements

Send Your Name to Bennu

  • Just send in your name and it will fly to Bennu and back!
  • Must submit by Sept. 30


Flagstaff Trip

  • $30 to attend for dues-paying members
  • Two spots available, speak with Carmen ASAP
  • Visiting Lowell Observatory and Meteor Crater

Flandrau Visit

  • October 21st, during regular meeting time
  • Visit Flandrau Planetarium
  • 6-8pm
  • Will get some sort of reduced cost

OSIRIS-REx Student Job Opportunity

  • Programmer/Software Engineer
  • Position open until filled
  • Sophomores or juniors and up
  • Send resume to

Coming Up Soon

Outreach Events

  • Solar Eclipse on October 23rd
    • Solar scopes on the mall
  • Biosphere 2 Discovery Nights on October 25th
    • Take Dobsonian Telescope to Biosphere 2
  • Geosciences Saturday Science Academy on November 14th
    • Space science activities
  • Himmel Library on November 20th
    • 7-9pm
    • Take scopes and solar system activities

Club Business

UASEDS Goes to SpaceVision

  • Must pay a deposit of $200 today
  • Limited to 10 people
  • Total cost is $400 with registration
  • You will get a Dean’s excuse

Outreach Coordinator

  • Responsible for arranging and organizing educational outreach events
  • One of our missions as a club is to provide volunteers to assist in educational outreach
  • Will try again in October
  • Please consider running!

Space News

  • MAVEN successfully completed orbital insertion
    • Launched November 18th, arrived Sunday
  • SpaceX Cargo Docks with the ISS
    • Arrived this morning
    • 5 tons of supplies and science
    • First 3D printer
      • Built by SEDS members!