04/03/14 General Meeting

Z-2 Spacesuit Design Vote

  • Vote on how NASA’s next generation space suit will look for testing
  • Fully built by November of this year
  • Tested at Neutral Buoyancy Lab and JSC Rock Yard as well as other places
  • All in effort to learn how to spacewalk

Atlas V Launch

  • Launched from Vandenberg AFB, CA
  • 7:46am
  • ULA and USAF
  • Atlas V Rocket carrying Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

TAP Colloquium

  • Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
  • Monday April 7th
  • 4-5pm
  • Steward N210

LPL Colloquium

  • Dr. Tommi Koskinen
  • The Upper Atmosphere of Saturn from Cassini UVIS Occultations
  • Tuesday April 8th
  • 3:45pm-4:45pm
  • Kuiper 312

SEDS Space Talk

  • Chris Voorhees
  • Director of Spacecraft Development at Planetary Resources
  • #spacetalks for questions
  • TONIGHT at 6pm

Yuri’s Night

  • Celebration of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned spaceflight
  • Inaugural launch of Space Shuttle Columbia
  • Celebrating at Sky Bar
  • Doubling as percentage night
  • Raffle
    • Mars Curiosity Rover Hot Wheels
    • DIY Star Projector
    • Gift Cards
    • 2 Adam Block prints
    • Prizes
    • Costume Party

ASCEND! Team Presentation