Parts are finally arriving for the rocket boosted aerial drone project! Pictured: half of the 22ft airframe, main/drogue parachutes, and the compressed CO2 ejection system.


Winter Rocketry Update

Winter Rocketry Update: Preliminary design review completed for the rocket boosted drone project, on to manufacturing and assembly! Stop by Weniger 122 on Fridays at 5pm to get involved!


Outreach in Sweet Home, OR 5.26.12

OSSS team members at an educational outreach event in Sweet Home, OR. Thanks to the Sweet Home Cub Scout Troop for hosting us! We had an incredible time with the kids and hope to return when the fall semester starts up. Pictures and videos of the event will be posted soon!!

Study Space at Oregon State

As part of the space studies meeting yesterday, held with the Society of Physics Students and the Oregon State Space Society, we went over the many opportunities for students (including undergrads) to get involved in space research and projects at OSU. Outlined in the presentations were projects from OSSS and the Rocketry Team (info available in the nav above) as well as these opportunities in the OSU Physics Department:

Radio Telescope Project
Radio telescopes help image parts of the the universe using radio waves. Options at OSU include working on the parabolic dish, resonator, antenna, low-noise block, mechanical structure and electronics bay, and signal analysis.
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High Altitude Weather Balloon

“This is an interdisciplinary effort to operate a satellite communication station, and to explore the upper atmosphere with sensors carried aloft by high-altitude balloons.”
(image source)

Pico Satellite Project
“The goal is to launch picosatellites into low Earth orbit for the purpose of conducting scientific investigations of astrophysical phenomena, the space environment or the state of the Earth.” (image source)